We are stuck as an educational system. Administrators are confused about test scores that don't seem to "jump." Teachers are locked into pacing guides with curriculum that doesn't "grab kids." Students are desperate for the bell to ring.  The frustration is pretty easy to understand. As a system we often find that we are constantly absorbing the same data, the same issues, the same subject matter, year after year, with no sense of nuance.

At BreakBox Thought Collective, we strive to present novel ideas to address age old "problems" using various motivational theories. We believe that when basic needs are addressed, the ability to innovate emerges with ease.  This is why we are launching the CTRL+ALT+DLT Project. Imagination. Innovation. Inspiration. A system reset for learning environments. The CTRL+ALT+DLT project suggests that the "frozen" ways of the public school system have departed from what we know about human motivation. 

When mistakes are made, we often wish we could apply a reset button to our lives. So many missed chances, times when we were too impatient, times we could've tried harder, moments when we think all is lost. the good news is. . .all is not lost! Our professional development workshops, consulting and training offer an innovative and sustainable workplace model that allows participants to shift from a fixed mindset of work into a flow that comes from the actualized, transcendent self. 

Ctrl+alt+ delete = an Educational Reboot.

Our team of youth leaders and activists Facilitate Youth Listening Sessions. 

Provide Student-led training for educators on the impact of implicit bias and cultural insensitivity.

Power to the Pen Writing Summit, a collaboration with the San Joaquin Valley Writing ProjecT. a professional development opportunity for engagement WITH students CENTERING p.O.C YOUTH VOICES


Social emotional support. Cultural responsiveness. Empathy. Allow our team of licensed and certificated professionals to provide trauma informed and culturally competent, organizational direction and programming.



A wellness plan or safe space for students exhibiting triggered behavior with appropriate training in engaging and de-escalating triggered behavior vs suspension, expulsion and arrests.

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