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"My eyes tell many stories."

The Black Girl Magic Project-Fresno is a rites of passage program for young ladies of African American descent. The project aims to prepare girls to enter the adult world with a sense of security, passion, knowledge and a vast array of workplace competencies through the inception of a comprehensive magazine for, by, and about Black Girls.

The BGMP -Fresno acknowledges the need for positive imaging and representation in the media and other public spaces. The project seeks to address this need by promoting conversations about the impact of stereotypes, hidden female power figures, and objectification in the media.

The BGMP Fresno, seeks to shift the "Black Girl" narrative by empowering  participants to produce a magazine as contributing writers, designers, editors, models, and marketing directors.

Cultivating. Celebrating. Connecting. The Black Girl Magic Project Fresno fosters the transition of  young girls as they become unfettered and undeterred by society's imposed standards of beauty, values, and notions about gender identity. The BGMP Fresno, invites girls to embrace their complex and multi-dimensional Black Girl Magic.